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Who I am
Photography has been in my life for as long as I can remember.
My father used to be a photographer as well and I really can say that weddings have always been my bread and butter.

Born in Cilento, a fascinating area not far from the Amalfi Coast, I have been living in Rome for almost twenty years, but my very favourite place is behind the lens, from where I tell your stories, wherever you are.

The beautiful connection between people, their emotions and the places around them always fascinated me and I firmly believe that being a wedding photographer is more than taking pictures, it is about knowing how to read people, connecting with them and feeling what they’re feeling.

​When I'm not behind the camera, I  devour books, lots of chocolate, movies, TV series and litres of milk; take long walks, travel - often even just from the sofa, meticulously planning itineraries that aren't even scheduled - and since January 2021 I have been the mother of Nina Sofia, a very sweet little girl whose big blue eyes fill and colour my days!


Drawing inspiration from the worlds of movies, books, architecture, travels, and fashion, I skillfully weave these elements into my artistry, where each frame tells a story beyond the ordinary.
I love when the gown floats in the wind, when a veil falls into a bride’s hair, or when a warm light illuminates a flower. I love when the darkness meets light and I love the dreamy feel of poetic black and white images.
My work is all about finding beauty in the real, imperfect and honest moments and turning them into emotional pieces of art.

Elisa Rinaldi Photographer
Elisa Rinaldi photographer

The experience

I always let the day flow organically but whenever possible, I guide my couples into beautiful light encouraging them to relax and enjoy the moment. From there, I capture all the beauty that unfolds naturally.
Whether it’s guiding you through couple portraits or discreetly capturing candid emotions, my commitment is to deliver a collection that reflects not only the esthetic beauty of your day but also the raw emotions shared between you and your loved ones. 
In your final gallery, you can expect a mix of colour and black and white imagery, of candid moments, iconic portraits and scenes of details with a clean and natural edit that will survive the test of time.

My approach
Specializing in capturing intimate weddings, elopements and creative couples sessions, I work in a sensitive and subtle way, with an approach rooted in elegance and catered to modern romantic couples who appreciate emotional storytelling with an editorial aesthetic.

I believe in quality over quantity, choosing to dedicate myself to a select number of weddings each year offering base packages and several extra options to create a tailor-made package both for those who need it for just one day and for those who are creating entire wedding weekend experiences.

My work has been featured in some of the best wedding blogs and magazines and I was listed amongst the 12 best wedding photographers in Italy by Wed Vibes

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