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A Luxury Elopement Experience In Tuscany: Where timeless beauty meets Modern Romance 

Locanda in Tuscany, Val d'Orcia

Luxury elopement in Tuscany

In the enchanting land of Tuscany, where time seems to stand still amidst rolling hills and endless skies, our team embarked on a journey to craft a luxury elopement experience like no other. Inspired by the classic and timeless beauty of this iconic region, we set out to create a wedding celebration that exudes both relaxation and modern sophistication—a perfect fit for fashion-forward couples seeking an intimate and stylish affair.


The natural beauty of Tuscany provided an unparalleled backdrop for our luxury elopement. The uninterrupted landscape, painted in shades of orange and powder blue by the summer skies, served as the canvas upon which our love story unfolded. Against this breathtaking backdrop, we carefully curated every detail to ensure a day that was both stylish and effortless. From the understated floral arrangements to the whimsical cake and the vintage convertible nestled among the iconic cypress trees, every element was designed to evoke a sense of luxury and romance.


The scene was set for a celebration unlike any other, where our couple could escape the ordinary and revel in the beauty of their love. Adding to the allure of the day were the sophisticated accessories by Saint Beth and the pastel heels by Loeffler Randall perfectly complementing the contemporary and minimalist gown by Otaduy. Together, they created a look that was both modern and timeless—a true reflection of the spirit of Tuscany.

As the photographer, my goal was to capture the essence of this luxury elopement in images that were both editorial and modern, with a hint of vintage charm.

But beyond the aesthetics, our elopement was also about creating an experience—one that celebrated the luxury of intimacy and the joy of escaping the noise of the world to focus on what truly matters.

At Locanda In Tuscany, in Val d’Orcia, our couple found the perfect sanctuary for their love to flourish amidst the timeless beauty of the Italian countryside.


In the end, our luxury elopement in Tuscany was more than just a wedding—it was a journey. A journey that celebrated love, beauty, and the luxury of escaping the ordinary to create moments that would last a lifetime.

Planner + Design : Sara Tusset | Photographer : Elisa Rinaldi| Videography : AR Wedding Film| Venue : Locanda In Tuscany  | Floral Styling : Sara Tusset  with Marilyn Floral Art | MUA : Linda Lynn MUA  | Dress : Otaduy from Merry Me Roma | Shoes : Loeffler Randall | Headband : Saint Beth  | Tux : Mario Iannetta | Favours : Just Tuscany | Candles : Lunaria | Linen : Set Up My Table  | Car Hire : Slow Hills | Cake : Annikka Toni Cakes  | Stationery : Veronica Mastrogiovanni

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