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Intimate Destination Wedding among the Tuscan hills | Florence


Destination wedding in Tuscany

As a wedding photographer, some moments transcend mere documentation, encapsulating the essence of love, joy, and celebration. Dave and Maddy's destination wedding in the rolling hills of Tuscany was one such occasion—a culmination of dreams, culture, and cherished memories beautifully planned and styled by Silvia Ciolli Weddings.

Dave and Maddy, hailing from Australia, shared a bond that spanned over a decade. For Dave, who is half Italian with roots in Tuscany, the landscape and culture held profound significance, a connection to his late father and heritage. It was a dream they both shared—to exchange vows amidst the beauty of Tuscany, surrounded by loved ones.
Their special day unfolded at La Palagina, a picturesque setting nestled in the heart of Tuscany. Surrounded by cypress hills and olive groves, it provided the perfect backdrop for their love story to unfold.  As they prepared for the day ahead, Dave and Maddy shared laughter and joy with their closest friends. With beers and spritz in hand, they soaked in the sunshine by the poolside, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Maddy looked radiant in a stunning, minimal dress by
Vassi Bridal Couture
adorned with puff sleeves and a striking bow on the back. Her elegance and grace were matched only by the beauty of the Tuscan landscape that surrounded her.

Against the backdrop of cypress hills and olive trees, Dave and Maddy exchanged vows in a heartfelt outdoor ceremony. Moments of joy, emotion, and laughter filled the air, creating a tapestry of memories to be cherished forever.
As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the villa and olive groves, Dave and Maddy stole away for a romantic photoshoot. Against the backdrop of a Tuscan sunset, their love shone brighter than ever, immortalized in every frame.

Dinner Under the Stars: The evening continued with a dinner under a sky full of stars, illuminated by twinkling lights. Tasting traditional Tuscan cuisine, including the iconic Fiorentina steak, Dave and Maddy savored every moment, surrounded by the warmth of their loved ones. No Tuscan celebration would be complete without indulging in gelato and cannoli. For Dave and Maddy, these traditional treats were a nod to their love for authentic Italian cuisine and a sweet conclusion to an unforgettable evening.
With dancing and laughter filling the air, the night continued with an afterparty that was filled with energy and excitement. Dave and Maddy, surrounded by their loved ones, danced the night away, celebrating their love and the beginning of a new chapter together.
Dave and Maddy's wedding in Tuscany was a testament to love, heritage, and the beauty of shared dreams. As their wedding photographer, it was an honor to witness and document every moment of their unforgettable day. 

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Venue Palagina | Planning + Styling: Silvia Ciolli Weddings

Flora: IF Designer  | HMUA : Silvia GerzeliDesign Alessandra Carcasci  | Dress: Custom Vassi Bridal Couture  

Suit: P Johnson

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