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Elopement in Orvieto, wedding photography

Charming love story in the heart of Italy | Elopement in Orvieto


Hannah and Ian, from Arizona, chose to elop in Orvieto, a small town in the Umbria region, in the heart of Italy. Exciting and spontaneous, everything was exactly as they had always wanted. 
They threw this little elopement together in less than a month waiting till the very last moment for every detail like...buying Ian's ring on the way to their ceremony on the street, which was also an undecided and undetermined location till 1 min before when they saw a beautiful location and said "This one! Let's do it here," .

 Elisa is amazing. I found her work stumbling on TheAntibride . She was the exact style I was going for.
I wanted a documentary feel, authentic moments, and nothing too posed. And I wanted someone who shot film, because of my deep love of film.
Elisa was it. She was calm and creative and fun to be around.

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