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Capturing Romance and Contrast: Andrea and Stephen's Elopement in Rome

palazzo Dama

Wedding photography in Rome, Colosseum

 As a photographer, I am always drawn to stories that are as unique and captivating as the couples themselves. Andrea and Stephen's elopement in Rome was a perfect example—a modern and sophisticated Irish couple living in Canada, choosing the eternal city of Rome for their intimate celebration.

The day began at the stunning Palazzo Dama, a hotel nestled in the heart of Rome, where the contrasts of the spaces provided an intriguing backdrop for our photoshoot.
Andrea's preparation was bathed in light and brightness, with white hues dominating the scene. Meanwhile, Stephen's moments were captured in darker tones, as he waited at the bar, sipping beer amidst the hotel's black walls, sumptuous chandeliers, and large paintings. The play of contrasts, accentuated by the stylistic choice of black and white for some photos, gave rise to a collection of truly unique images.

The first look took place on the grand staircase of the hotel—a moment filled with emotion before the couple headed to the Temple of Diana in Villa Borghese for their symbolic ceremony and vow exchange. Their experience continued with a leisurely stroll through the park, venturing into the bustling streets of Trastevere, and passing by iconic landmarks such as the Colosseum.
Enjoying an aperitivo, they soaked in the atmosphere of Rome before returning to Palazzo Dama for dinner. There, an elegant table for two awaited them, adorned with baby breath and candles, creating a romantic ambiance.
Before dinner, as darkness fell, they made a final stop at Castel Sant'Angelo, where the city lights and bustling crowds provided a striking contrast to the luminous ceremony photos.

Andrea and Stephen had a vision for their photos—a documentary-style approach that captured the essence of their day without being too posed. They wanted a real, discreet, and spontaneous narrative of their journey. The entire experience unfolded seamlessly, without stress or forced poses, simply capturing the day and emotions as they naturally unfolded.

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